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The Genesis of the

3R Valve

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and down-hole control valves for HVAC systems

The 3R Valveis designed to operate as a control valve for Aquifer Storage and Recovery on deep or shallow wells that need to have the flow of water controlled at the bottom of the well column. The 3R Valve can be used to Recharge, Regulate and Recover water into and out of an ASR water well. U.S. Patent number 6,811,353

The design of the 3R valve allows the user to control the flow of water flowing down a pump column by activating two hollow single acting hydraulic cylinders that move a UHMW internal sleeve in front of a group of small holes that allows the water to then move from the inside of the valve through the holes to the outside and out into the aquifer. The small diameter holes are located around the valve in a slight upward spiral pattern so as the UHMW sleeve moves it exposes only a few holes at a time. This allows the controller to regulate the flow of water more precisely. The small discharge holes in the valve also allow the water that is surrounding the valve to dissipate the energy of the water that is flowing out of the holes and in turn reduces the hydraulic mining that might occur in the bore hole. The valve is constructed out of stainless steel and does not screw together like other valves on the market. This one piece construction will not allow the valve to unscrew and fail. The 3R valve also has no moving parts that are on the outside of the valve body that can rub against the bore hole or allow rocks or other object to interfere in the operation of the valve. The 3R valve does not use any rubber boots to control the flow. These boots are subject to wear that causes the valve to fail and be pulled to be repaired. The 3 R valve can also be ordered with an option that allows the valve to close if there should be a hydraulic failure in the valves control line. 3R valve also makes a recharge only valve that allows the operator to control the flow of water back into the aquifer.

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3 R Valve is a major sponsor for AGWT

3 R Valve was a platinum sponsor for ISMAR conference 2007