List of References for 3R Valve ASR Projects:

Tigard, Oregon Well (ASR)

Aaron Bealtie
John Good Rich
Water Divisions, Public Works
City of Tigard
Chris Ubert
Murry Smith & Associates

Madison Farms Well (one of the first Agricultural ASR Wells in the world)

Kent Madison
29299 Madison Rd.
Echo, OR 97826
(Office)  541-376-8107
(Fax) 541-376-8107
(Mobile) 541-571-0581

McCarty Ranch Well (one of the first Agricultural ASR Wells in the world)

Mike McCarty
26943 McCarty Ranch Ln.
Echo, OR 97826
(Office) 541-376-8273

Portland State University (HVAC)

Robert Stadeli
Rotary Manager
Boart Longyear Company
(Office) 503-692-6400
(Fax) 503-692-4759
(Mobile) 503-572-9396

De Land Florida (ASR)

John Veerling
South Eastern Pump: Tampa-Pompano Beach-Jacksonvill
Phone: (954) 781-8400
Fax: (954) 781-8434

Kelowna BC (HVAC)

Lorne Antle
Project Manager
UBC Properties Trust
3333 University Way
Kelowna, B.C.  V1V 1V7
Tel: (250) 807-8542
Fax:(250) 807-8540
Cell:(250) 826-4141

General Reference for all projects

Jeff M. Barry, R.G., CWRE
Principal Hydro-geologist
GSI Water Solutions, Inc.
55 SW Yamhill St.
Suite 400
Portland, Oregon 97204
(Office) 503-239-8799 ext. 102
(Fax) 503-239-8940