Madison Farms is located in the heart of the Butter Creek critical ground water area in Oregon state.  The farm was in need of an ASR down hole control valve and that is what lead to the design and manufacture of the very first 3R Valve.  I built a 6 inch valve with 750 GPM of recharge capacity and 500 GPM of recovery.

 Discharge holes

 Side view

 Hydraulic fittings


 Top view

 Side view of lower tube

 ASR plumbing



 Being installed

 Break down of valve

 Hydraulic lines

 New Image valve_edited.JPG  explodeLabel rotated.JPG  New Image valve1_edited.JPG

 Piston and gland

 Control pannel

 Push rods and UHMW cage

 gland piston side.JPG  MVC-143F.JPG  cage.JPG