3R Valve built a 8 inch valve for use in a 700 foot deep basalt well located in the Echo Junction critical ground water area in Oregon State.

 Position indicators

 Position indicators

mccarty control side 1.JPG  mccarty top.JPG

 Complete 3R valve

 Close up of discharge holes

 8 inch valve.JPG  close up of holes.JPG

 Hach Nitrate probe

 McCarty lift pumps

 mccarty Hach.JPG  mccarty pumps.JPG

 Clorine building and control room

 Computer screen

 mccarty well.JPG  mccarty screen very close.JPG

 Well Screen

 Variable Drive

 mccarty screen well.JPG  mccarty variable drive.JPG

 ID of 4.25 inches

 Side view

 center dia mccarty.JPG

 side view FL.JPG