3R Valve has supplied a 10 inch 3R Valve and control unit for the City of Tigard Oregon for their well house #2 project. This valve will control the flow up to 2,500 GPM of recharge and recovery.

 Inside Diameter of 6.4 inches

 UHMW over the discharge holes. Mouse over to change to open.

 Discharge holes and hydraulic tube

 10 inch ID.JPG

 10 inch closed.JPG

 10 inch holes and tube.JPG


 A light shines out from the holes

 Side view of 10 inch valve

The finished well house

10 inch light through holes.JPG 10 inch side view.JPG tigard building.jpg


 Position indicator valve closed. Mouse over to move the piston from closed to open

 Complete power unit

 Position indicators

 indicator closed.JPG  power unit complete close.JPG  open and close pistons.JPG

 Hose protectors

 NSF hydraulic hose

 Open in the test phase. Mouse over to close the valve and see the water tight seal at 450 PSI of water pressure.


 NSF hose flash.JPG

 test open 1.JPG

 Hose and tube protection

 Pump and screen

 Installing the valve

 t-hoseprotectionand pipe.JPG  t-pumpbowls.JPG  t-roof.JPG

 Shaft through 3R Valve

 Shaft support

 Ready to install valve

 t-shaft into valve.JPG  t-shaft.JPG  t-valveset.JPG

 Motor and piping

 inlets and outlets

 Valve controls installed

 tigard in1.jpg

 tigard inside.jpg

 tigard valve.jpg


 Project information sign at project site.